Ben’s Music Video

In March of 2010 my buddy Jeremy & I shot a music video for my friends’ band. Ben & I came up with ideas for the vid’ when we were chilling in his livingroom & a lot of them came to fruition here.

Kiss the Girl (April 2010)

Our friend Pat was perfect for the role. The guy’s freakin’ classic, fun to work with & he was patient with us… So was the band, for that matter… Actually, everybody was.

From a production standpoint, Almeda did a great job of getting the right shots. Considering the equipment we were working with, the footage came out looking pretty good. Writing the shot sequence was cake but editing the footage was a long, technical process. Then again, when is it not?… In hindsight, I should have color corrected the whole video instead of just a few shots. That was actually my first time ever using color correction & I now know that you can, and almost should, color correct pretty much all your footage. 

There were a couple more things I might have done differently. For example, we originally wanted to use a mannequin, but after we saw how expensive they were, we (reluctantly) figured a blow-up doll would be second best, despite the sexual connotation that comes with it. Some people were offended. Also, the book he reads, “How To Kiss the Girl”?… C’mon, that title is cheap & so was the plain-as-paper look of the cover. I think it was just cheap of me not to get a better prop. My bad… And lastly, I kinda wish I had made the dream sequence (a third of the way through) a little funnier. A friend of mine pointed out that it’s not funny at all & it should be (Valid point, Mike).     

All in all, though. I’m pretty proud of the vid’. The footage lines up well with the song, which was my biggest concern when editing it. I’m happy with how most of the transitions came out and, in general, how the footage cut together. There aren’t any significant breaks in continuity, unless you’re looking for them.

Fun times making it & I hope to do it again in the future.

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