The New Gear

Pardon me, I’ve been remiss. There’s some stuff I should’ve posted like a month ago, namely the fact that I GOT NEW GEAR! Now, this is a big deal because it means I can produce stuff on my own, which is exactly what I’ve been doing & part of the reason I haven’t posted… I’ve been busy shooting videos & photos and editing them. How did I get this gear? Well, it pretty much fell in my lap. Seriously, I got obscenely blessed. Along with my tax refund, my father had been wanting to help me kick off a career but hasn’t been able to help until recently. He’d been talking about getting me gear to get me started, but nothing ever materialized until one Friday when he called & said “Can you meet me in Tacoma to look at Macs & a camera?” I thought all we were gonna do is look & I was super shocked when we were walking out with the new stuff. I’m still in shock & incredibly grateful (So if I haven’t thanked you enough, Thanks Popz!)

Canon T3i

MacBook Pro with Final Cut Studio

Here’s an interesting little side story. Initially my dad & I bought a Canon T2i and a 15″ MacBook Pro with an i5 processor & 320 GB of hard drive space… The timing was almost perfect though, because a little over a week later, the Canon T3i was released as well as a faster version of the Macbook Pro that has an i7 processor & 500 GB of hard drive space. So I was able to exchange the T2i for a T3i by paying only $2.17 in taxes (Check out this link to see the differences). Also, I was able to exchange the i5 MacBook Pro for the faster i7 Macbook Pro by paying only $4.24 in taxes. I call that a good deal.

Anyways, I’ve been taking a lot of photos & making a few videos. I shall be posting the videos here soon, but I also have to post some older projects that I’d done before the Samuel-Has-His-Own-Gear era… there are also a few exciting projects to come over the next few months.


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