Urban Unveiled

Last year I helped my buddy Jeremy Almeda of EndlessLove Productions with a couple videos to promote Urban Unveiled, an annual Seattle event that showcases the area’s top wedding vendors at the awesome Benaroya Hall…

Urban Unveiled 2009

I’d heard this song, Palm Tree by Build, and I knew instantly I wanted to edit something around it. Fortunately, a few days later, Jeremy handed over this footage he shot at the ’09 event for me to put together. I had a lot of good footage to work with, so I had a hard time narrowing it down to the best stuff to fit into a couple minutes. There were some important shots I almost left out because I thought they were boring, but Almeda reminded me of something that was drilled into us in school, which was to consider the audience & what they want to see. So those shots of jewelry or a pair of shoes I found boring were actually pretty important. Point well taken, Jeremy. Anyways, in the end I think it all worked out well.

Urban Unveiled 2010

A few months later, Almeda invited me to help shoot the 2010 event. He handed me his Canon HX A1 & set me loose to capture whatever the vendors were displaying. All of that was going smoothly until the main event started, which was a fashion show. I didn’t have time to set up my shots, so I pretty much had to push my way through the crowd to decent spots to capture the models coming out on the runway. I wasn’t happy with most of the footage I got, but I guess I got enough decent stuff, because Jeremy put more of it in there than I expected to see. He put in some funky light effects with Luca Visual FX that almost compensated for the crappy quality of my shots. Yet again, the end product was pretty solid.



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