Super Climactic Snowboarding Film

In early March, my buddies Mike, Josh & I went to Crystal Mountain for a nice little day of riding. I decided to bring my camera  & I asked Josh to bring his Flip camcorder to capture the on-mountain action, since there was no way I was gonna bring my new DSLR riding with us. That’d just be reckless, kids.

SUPER climactic SNOWBOARDING film (March 2011)

‘Superclimactic’ is a big-time oxymoron here. If you didn’t put it together yourself from the ending, Josh’s camera died like two minutes after we got off the lift, so we hardly got any riding footage. As such, the only thing for me to do was make a joke of the situation by making the most climactic part of the song the most disappointing moment of the video & somehow explaining the lack of riding shots. I thought my way of explaining it was kind of clever & I think the video is kind of a funny contradiction. Most probably don’t catch the humor & likely see it as lame. Oh well, this video was just for kicks & giggles.

From a production standpoint, this was shot mostly on my Canon T3i with the kit 18-55mm lens. I saw the limitations of this lens in some of the darker shots in the car. The kit lens is just too slow & forces you to use ISO, which is the enemy. However, I was happy with some of the footage from the ride up, as well as most of the footage I got once we got out of the car. Once we left the car behind, we switched to Josh’s Flip which held it’s own in good lighting. It’s just a bummer about the battery being shot. At least we were able to get enough footage for me to throw together a coherent story.

One last thing I’m not to thrilled about was the color-correcting job I did. I went a little overboard &  some of the footage favors browns a bit too much for my taste. I tried to use Final Cut Pro’s 3-Way Color Corrector tool as a substitute for Apple Color, which I don’t think I’m gonna do anymore. I just have to spend more time in Color learning how to color grade my footage.

Having said all that, I hope you enjoyed it.

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