Mike & Deb’s Movie

Shortly after my friends Mike & Deb got engaged, they asked if I’d be interested in shooting their wedding. I said no. Aside from just not being interested in wedding videography because I think it’s mamby pamby work, I also wanted to be able to enjoy my friends’ wedding & not stress about capturing everything on camera. However, I did think it’d be fun to make a vid for them as a wedding gift.

So, in June or something we went to the Olympic Mountains & the Washington Coast. I documented the whole thing on camera. I saw it as a nice little adventure with two friends, where I can boss ’em around & capture it on camera. Good times… Seriously though, the trip further grew my pride in the Great Northwest. With fat mountains, cool animals & unique beaches… We live in a tight state & I didn’t start to appreciate it until I was well into college!

Anyways, took a while for us to decide on a song to use & we finally decided on Young Blood by The Naked & Famous like two days before the wedding. So I banged out the edit in like a day. I fell asleep at 3:30 am on the morning of the wedding with my laptop on my chest while the video was compressing. Yeah, I’m a G.

(Watch in HD on Vimeo!)

From a production standpoint, I’m mostly happy with this! It’s probably one of my best works to date. Having said that, I still have a few qualms with it. Some of the shots are over-exposed, while others are a bit out of focus or improperly color corrected. The steadicam shot at 1:56 is a disaster. I hate it! The colors look like puke & it’s out of focus. Though all in all, this is not a bad piece, these little mistakes are what distinguish pro work from not-so-pro work… Positives: I’m happy with how I structured the story. I think I portrayed Washington State pretty well & did a decent job of capturing Mike & Deb’s personalities. Some of the (other) steadicam shots turned out great. And lastly, my friends dug it!

Hope you enjoyed. Mazel tov & stuff!

Oh yeah, and Deb still managed to sucker me into shooting the ceremony. Cheerz.

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