BLEACH TACOMA (1 Minute Spot)

While part one was meant to portray a lifestyle or culture, Part two in the BLEACH series was meant to be more informative about how they connect with the community. I was able to take a couple hours to let the owners expound on that & this was the outcome. I made a point to keep this piece concise, so as to keep it at exactly a minute long. The third video will be a bit more lengthy.

(Watch in HD on Vimeo!)

As always, in hindsight, there are aspects of this piece that bother me & others that I’m proud of. However, I’m finding that these posts have ended up being mere critiques of my work & that’s only one aspect of what this blog is supposed to be about. So this time, I’m just going to keep all that to myself & let the work speak for itself.

Changes are coming for this blog. I’m either going to change the format entirely or start a separate website & attach this blog to it. No matter what I decide to do, though, it will involve me updating it more often

Good day!


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