New Business. New Website. New Haircut. New Everything.

This is fun… Starting a company. It’s fun. Coming up with a name & developing a business plan… Fun. Even the monotony of applying for a business license & getting a UBI number, getting a Federal Tax ID number, and getting licensed to run a business in the city of Seattle doesn’t bother me in the least.

Coming up with a name proved to be a time-consuming affair. It took a lot of time in dictionaries & thesauruses and checking online to see which domains were available. As it turned out, my top ideas for business names were already taken in one form or another. After a couple days of coming up with ideas & running them across friends, I finally realized that the process could go on for days or even weeks & I had to decide on something. Finally I settled on PIXELtechnics. I’m stoked about it & I think it works well. I like that it’s a play on pyrotechnics & I can develop a new term out of it, the definition for which is on the home page of my site. Ultimately, I will be coming up with other trade names/brands to operate under as time progresses & we start producing content geared towards different demographics.

Developing a website, Facebook page, new email account & getting them to work in cohesion with each other, my Vimeo page & this blog has been a interesting endeavor as well. It’s fascinating seeing how all those faces of the company work together… I also have to mention how much I’ve been loving Squarespace for how fun & simple their service is & how awesome their Support Team is. I quickly became loyal to them & recommend them to anybody looking to build a simple site.

Business cards, Twitter & LinkedIn pages coming soon…

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