Brooks at O.R.

Bait me with an assignment that involves travel & I’ll likely bite. It’s one of the many reasons I got into video in the first place. Last January, Brooks hired Yes And Video, who commissioned me to travel down to Salt Lake City, of all places, to capture what they had going at Outdoor Retailer, one of the largest (if not the largest) outdoor gear & apparel trade shows in the world.

Brooks was putting together what ended up being an award-winning display & they wanted to document the process & the experience. This was the outcome.

From a creative standpoint I had a lot of fun playing with the photos of the Brooks logos at :07. That’s something I’ve been wanting to try ever since I fell in love with what Guillaume Le Berre did at 1:27 in his riveting short, Incubation. I love the tempo & vibe of the piece, and so did the clients. On the flip side, after completing this video, I resolved to always try & use a monopod when capturing live action on the go, unless for some reason I want a raw & choppy aesthetic, which I really wasn’t going for here. Overall, this ended up being a great experience & adventure, and I ended up with a piece of work I’m happy to slap my name on!

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